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We will be closing our Denville brick and mortar location to focus on online sales and deliveries. Our last day for Denville pickups will be 8/30.


'The professional detail and personal touch in addition to the truly delicious products from cakes to donut holes, cookies and breads, we LOVE everything about this amazing bakery!!'

Annamaria Bellino


'Have been on the search for vegan cupcakes for the longest time and I finally found the perfect place! Definitely recommend coming here!!'

Daniella Ramos

'Delicious cakes! So happy to have a cruelty-free option that's also allergy friendly. Thank you on behalf of our taste buds and the animals! Go vegan.'

Dani Ela

Chris is a passionate baker with a compassionate heart! She surprises me with her creations that increase one more thing I can enjoy on my plate with lot of dietary restriction I have. The breads she bakes are nourishing. I have tried zucchini bread, chocolate bread, blueberry bread, strawberry bread, special muffins she created for me and biscuits to name a few. The breads are very satisfying and easy to digest. Moisture, taste, texture are all well balanced. She goes above and beyond for me! I wish I had found her before. I order from the bakery on a regular basis and will continue to do so. Due to my poor picture taking skills i have not uploaded a picture. But, I will do so soon!

Deepa Patel

Always yummy ! Not only does it give my son a safe place to go but we all enjoy a special treat. The icing is so flavorful and the chocolate is scrumptious.

Jennifer Cuaycong